Notes on Nomenclature

At the Gene Mapping Workshop held during the 22nd Conference of the International Society for Animal Genetics (ISAG) held in East Lansing, Michigan, USA it was resolved unanimously that animal gene nomenclature should “follow the rules for human gene nomenclature, including the use of identical symbols for homologous genes and the reservation of human symbols …

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Using ARKdb

ARKdb can be queried in a number of ways. The main ways of querying are by locus/marker, by published reference or by map. You can also query by clone or library, although these tend to be less well-used areas of the system. Each species database is accessed in the same way. Brief details of the …

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History of ARKdb

ARKdb arose initially from the needs of a project co-ordinated at Roslin Institute to map the pig genome. The original intention was to utilise the Jackson Laboratory’s then current mouseGBASE database design, and this was actually implemented for pigs, chickens and sheep. However, it soon became clear that the nature of genome mapping in farmed …

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