Antigen Retriever
Promotion of bench-top instrument for antigen unmasking on paraffin-embedded tissue sections, with examples of thermally processed slides showing preservation of morphology and cycle reproducibility, from manufacturer, PickCell Laboratories BV, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
B&L Systems
Equipment and services for sequencing, microarrays, oligo sets, fluorophore gel imaging systems, robotic systems for DNA purification, with location map for the company in Maarssen, the Netherlands.
Biaffin GmbH & Co KG
Offers biomolecular interaction analysis and biosensors, for characterization of antigen-antibody interactions development of novel protein purification strategies and diagnostic tests pharmacokinetics and quality control from Bochum, Germany.
Bioscan, Inc.
Manufacturer of instrumentation, including HPLC, DNA/RNA spectrophotometer, plate reader, counters with distribution from Washington, DC.
Biosset Ltd
Details of system for oligonucleotide, RNA and DNA synthesis and purification, from munafacturer based in Novos, Russia.
Eppendorf Switzerland
Life science laboratory supplies from Switzerland.
Imaging Research Inc.
Develop and produce analytical and screening systems, including bioinformatics software for life science and pharmaceutical drug discovery in St. Catharines, ON, Canada.
Principles used in the cycling for DNA amplification within 20µl capillaries, promoting kits by Roche, on license from Idaho Technology Inc., Idaho Falls, ID.
Major Science, Co.Ltd.
Manufacturer of electrophoresis systems, fermenters, incubators and some products for biotechnology in Pan-Chiao City, Taiwan.
Molecular BioProducts Inc.
Offering consumables for medical laboratory automation, high throughput screening, PCR tubes and aerosol barrier tips, with worldwide contacts of distributers from San Diego, CA.
Molecular Food Safety Testing
Promoting the use of the LightCycler in accessing GMO content of foodstuffs, by Roche Diagnostics Corp.
Orbital Biosciences Online
Ultrafiltration products with PDF downloads for guide, technical datasheets and applications from manufacturer in Topsfield, MA.
Polygen GmbH.
Manufacturer of DNA synthesizers, ranging from ten-column to 384-format sytems, for parallel synthesis of oligonucleotides. Includes model specifications, overview of software, user support and contacts in Langen, Germany.
UVP Inc.
Manufactures gel imaging, documentation and analysis systems for chemiluminescence, electrophoresis, colorimetric fluorescence. Also hybridization ovens, ultraviolet lamps, transilluminators and UV PCR workstations from Cambridge, England and Upland, California.